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Hospice Care & Bereavement Services | Bay City, TX Angels Care Hospice Locations Near You

Angels Care Hospice in Bay City is a premier provider of hospice services.  Our comprehensive, holistic approach to hospice care centers around reducing the fear and burden associated with the end-of-life journey. This approach allows our patients and their families to live the fullest and most meaningful life possible wherever the patient calls home, including assisted living facilities, hospitals, or long-term care facilities.

We also place an emphasis not only on patient and family education, but we make every effort to educate everyone that resides within our communities. This is done through our Community Learning Program series of classes which gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise on a variety of health-related topics that are important to them. We also provide support to our local senior centers, schools, emergency responders, and a range of professional and community organizations.

Contact our office in Bay City today for more information about our community learning program classes, or how you or a loved one can benefit from hospice service.

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